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Principe Amedeo 5 office building is a renovation project that adds flexibility and versatility to the existing historical building.

Vittorio Grassi Architetto & Partners’s design of Principe Amedeo 5 transformed the former headquarters of the American consulate in Milan into a contemporary office building. With a respectful approach towards the existing historical building, the renovation process aimed to achieve flexible and versatile office spaces. The five floors of the building house 500 workstations over a total area of about 9,000 sqm.

As a typical mid-nineteenth century Milanese design the building has an internal courtyard. This space has been completely freed from parking spaces and transformed into a flourishing garden, and in the back of the courtyard, a new double-height glass volume has been created to house well-lit working and sharing spaces. With its reflective glass facade, this volumetric addition is in communication with another volume with the same design characteristics upon the roof. The roof addition blends into the skyline when viewed from the courtyard and becomes a multiplier of adjacent buildings when perceived from the new surrounding terrace.

Photography: © Diego De Pol