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The glass envelope addition to the Grand Théâtre de Québec smoothly blends in with the original design and the city around it.

Lemay and Atelier 21 were commissioned to restore and protect the crumbling outer shell of the brutalist building of Grand Théâtre de Québec and its emblematic Bonet mural, inside. The new glass envelope covering the existing structure on all sides respects the original design of Victor Prus and creates light protection.

Discrete and almost immaterial at times, the envelope reflects its surroundings and becomes the main interface with the city, like an additional theatrical act. The facade system is energy-efficient by housing a low-flow heat recovery and thermal mass system. Beyond its protective function, the new layer acts as an extension of the original building it protects, using the same finely tuned structural logic and composition.

Photography: © Stephane Groleau