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Forest of Us installation by Es Devlin reflects the image of the audience in a tree branch-like structure to symbolize the prominence of breathing.

Es Devlin’s installation is located in Superblue, a new cultural venue for Miami. Realized through the transformation of a former industrial building, Superblue offers spacious interiors for artists’ big scale works within its 2,880 square meters. Devlin’s installation titled Forest of Us invites the audience inside the mirrored environment to rethink the exchange between humans and nature.

A three-minute film taking the audience on a journey in a forest welcomes the audience. Once the film ends the audience’s personal journey into the installation starts. Immersed in an array of mirrors people see themselves through in a series of panels symbolizing the human lungs and tree branches at the same time. The experience of breathing in and out is multiplied in the image of the viewer’s reflection.

Photography: © Andrea Mora