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Designed by Elite Project Group, the new school compromises of educational and sport facilities for children aged between 2-18.

The building is located in both a natural and city environment, surrounded by green areas and at the same time having easy access by Vaptsarov Boulevard in Sofia. The project had two main phases; the first is about transformation of an office building in to school and the second phase focused on the kindergarten and the sports complex.

The existing building in which the school is located has five floors, with two underground levels, and was initially designed with a planning scheme for an office building, which requires spatial redesign in order to achieve harmony and clear connections between the different floors and parts of the school. An entirely new staircase core has been added, which is the main pillar in functional terms.

In addition to the necessary classic classrooms for the education of 600 students, there are art classrooms, a recording studio, a hall for exhibitions and events, and a dining room. On the last level of the school, there is a party area for organizing various events, as well as an astronomy classroom with a place for a planetarium.

In terms of technology, the building meets all modern requirements for energy efficiency. The whole management counts on the BMS system. The heating and cooling rely on a geothermal source with heat pumps.

In the newly built part, where the kindergarten and the sports area are located, separate access has been provided. In addition to the rooms for different age groups, for 84 children, the kindergarten has a gym for children, a "jungle" room, and a music room. There are special classrooms for children in a preparatory class for a total of 50 children.

The sports area has a large gym with movable grandstands and athletics track on the second level, a pool of semi-Olympic size, a small pool for children from kindergarten, halls for various sports and dances. Also, the complex has a multifunctional auditorium for various events and theater performances.

Photography: © BV Studio

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