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The new flagship store of Paşabahçe Mağazaları, designed and implemented by Demirden | ilio, offers a dynamic and interactive atmosphere.

The store in Erenköy, Istanbul reflects the glass culture with a contemporary and refined language, and becomes a creative tool that sustains the glass heritage. The design strategy of the project is founded on three main pillars: commitment to a sustainable world, immersive and inspiring spatial experience, and a new way of shopping with digital and physical innovations.

Sustainability is emphasized with the use of natural materials such as iron, wood, wicker, glass, and terrazzo that demonstrate environmental awareness in the store, where a sincere, humane and respectful approach to nature is displayed. An installation extending from the bottom floor to the top floor of the 1,200 square meter store consisting of three floors and representing the glass production techniques of the brand invites customers to the other floors and helps circulation and navigation within the space. The floor space opened for this installation on the first floor turns into an architectural element and the 12-meter-high work, consisting of various glass forms, reflects the inspiration taken from nature with its permeability and texture.

While transparent LED screens in the displays maintain dynamic communication with the street throughout the day and invite customers to the store. On the sheet metal surfaces of the showcase units, one can find the stylized natural textures. These are manufactured by cutting and bending in order to create a new layer in display with an elegant touch.

As the life themes of the store diversify, the material language of the displays changes, and the product presentations become richer, transforming the store into an innovative stage. The visual and architectural strategy prioritizes focus on products. The design strategy, which offers innovative solutions for retail thanks to its modular and mobile characteristics, provides flexibility and efficiency. Backgrounds in which wicker, glass, and metal meshes are brought together according to the theme are enriched with inspiring trend areas that make the selection process efficient for customers with varying tastes. These specialized areas, where products of different themes are presented together, offer up-to-date style suggestions to the customer. Some of these trend areas describe different styles and abstractions of nature, ranging from the kitchen of a country house, from contemporary interior design trends to a tea corner designed with a 'Grand Millennial' style.

The flagship store, designed to attract attention with its technological infrastructure, rich product range, and visual arrangements, aims to meet the demands of the customers. The design allows customers’ all phases of the shopping experience from exploring and making decisions to purchasing and post-purchase to be quick and efficient. With the navigation specially designed for the store, it was intended to provide a practical shopping experience that facilitates the processes of customers in the store. The fact that the navigation is accessible from both the mobile application and the interactive digital screens inside the store offers a digital experience that saves time and provides convenience for shopping.

Thanks to the interactive digital screens with rich content on each floor in Paşabahçe Mağazaları Erenköy, customers can easily choose between products and collections, easily find where the product they are looking for, and complete the purchasing process by using the QR code on their mobile devices without carrying any product in hand. Another important feature of the mobile application is the Gift Wizard, which you can use whenever you want in the store or at your home. Paşabahçe Mağazaları offers a solution for those who have difficulty choosing gifts that you can use both from the mobile application and through the interactive digital screens in the Erenköy store. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, it is very easy and fun to use this application, which offers the best gift options for you, based on gender, hobbies, personal tastes, and even your budget.

For the Boutique area, where the magical world of glass is presented, a contemporary museum display setup that includes all collections in which glass work is skillfully reflected was designed. Effective communication areas were integrated into the display units. The reflection of culture on glass turns into an elegant world of exploration, sometimes specializing in a niche, sometimes offering a museum experience in front of a marble wall.

Reflecting the original design approach of the Omnia Collection, glass, wood and metal units establish a sincere and simple relationship. These units turn into a modern display with spaces that highlight the products and the stories of their designers. The minimal display setup, in which the product richness is felt from the entrance of the store, becomes a contemporary bridge between the showcase and the living space.

Fresh flowers and live plants are located in the floral area on the bottom floor of the store. You can create your own arrangements with the fresh flowers you want in the vases of your choice and enrich your gift options with fresh flowers purchased from the store. Ceramic areas enriched with the nature of handmade ceramics developed specifically for Paşabahçe Mağazaları bring nature to space. The workshop space on this floor hosts events and provides the store a dynamic meeting and experience area.