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Flora Panorama located in Burgas in Bulgaria is a housing complex designed to blend in the surrounding context of nature and the city.

The architecture office Sharenkov Architects aimed to realize a building that is naturally integrated into the environment, both part of nature and part of the city, and with a memorable appearance. The architecture of the building resembles sea waves diverging in space. Composed of soft curved shapes of glass and concrete, the building volume offers gradual expansions of the floors in the upper parts of the facade. This volumetric play is made possible by complex oval shapes, large concrete consoles up to 3 m, and elements such as curved glass railings. 

The building has 126 apartments, nine offices, and 153 underground parking spots on three underground levels on a total area of ​​23,970 m². It is also accessible to disadvantaged people, and three of the apartments are specially tailored to the needs of such people. There is a photovoltaic system installed on the roof, providing electricity for the common parts of the building. The structure is detailed for energy efficiency with an effective holistic insulating system, including bricks with enhanced insulating properties, window profiles, and glazing units with certain insulating values. 

Photography: © BV Studio

Product: Şişecam Solar Control Low-E Glass