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With its elevated circular glass volume rising from the surrounding park, Zhengdong Longhu Public Art Center becomes part of the promenade.

Designed by Studio A+, the new art center in Zhengzhou in China aims to become a focal point in the public park it is situated in. By hiding two floors underground with the creation of a topographical landscape, the cylindrical glass volume above the ground becomes more prominent. A multimedia exhibition hall and car parking are located underground, and the visible glass volume serves a double function by housing an exhibition space and a circular panorama hall.

With the help of its form as a ring, the visitors can walk along with space and gain a 360-degree bird's eye view out to the Dragon Lake region. To ensure the unobstructed panoramic view, all the columns at the perimeter are eliminated by a cantilever structure from the inner circle of the ring. The glass curtain wall is also designed transparent and seamless.

Conceived as part of the Zhengzhou East new district master plan, the art center gives the impression of emerging from the landscape. The building is designed as an extension of the surrounding public park and is accessible with multiple entrances making the architecture part of the promenade.

Photography: © Zhengdong Jiang, Su Chen, Arch-Exist