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La Serena House designed by Sebastián Gaviria Gómez in the high mountains of Colombia enhances the perception of the landscape.

2,350 meters above sea level, La Serena is located in a mountainous area of eastern Antioquia near the municipality of El Retiro. The specific location and the vast landscape view encouraged architects to rethink the relationship between the user and the landscape. The idea of moving in the landscape and with every move having a new view introduced the concept of “architectural promenade”. While traveling from one room to another, one can establish a contemplative relationship between man and territory, the landscape.

The glass circular facade overlooking the landscape has a minimum interruption. The living areas and studios are located behind the continuous glass facade as a series of connected spaces. The interplay between glass and brick alters in different parts of the house, offering sometimes uninterrupted views and sometimes framed perspectives. 

Photography: © OLMO Fotografia