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The glass-roofed Pollinator Park proposes a new perspective on agroecology and how it can be advanced with architecture and technology. 

Designed by Vincent Callebaut for the European Commission, the Pollinator Park is a conceptual project to envision the future of urban agriculture. The glass-roofed biodomes offer a controlled environment for the growing of food while allowing the sun inside that allows the photosynthesis process of the plants. 

The building is at the same time a productive space and an educational facility. Visitors can go up the panoramic glass elevator and reach an observation platform flourishing in the sky. Following circular economy and renewable energies, all greenhouses are designed from light frames in cross-laminated timber. The mass timber biodomes are covered with photovoltaic and thermal solar shields in order to become positive energy buildings producing more energy than they consume. These sun shields filter the sun's rays and create a perfect balance between light and shadow.

Images: © Vincent Callebaut Architectures