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The Seventy-Six building complex aims to meet the triple net-zero standards with its photovoltaic panels and advanced construction system.

Garrison Architects designed a housing complex with support facilities such as daycare, urban farming zones, and commercial spaces in South End, New York. The aim of triple net-zero means the highest standards of reaching net-zero waste in three categories of energy, water, and waste. In this way, the project explores new boundaries in sustainable development by being conscious of the environment, costs, and social implications.

The complex will be built using steel framing with a modular construction system that will include factory-built braced steel-framed units. The mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems are integrated together with hybrid solar thermal and photovoltaic systems that will be deployed on solar canopies on the roofs as well as overhanging the courtyards. All the excess energy will be stored in batteries on-site and sold to the grid. Based on the design the energy consumption will meet or exceed passive house standards. The complex combines sustainable infrastructure with high-quality, affordable, and flexible housing with a resilient design.

Images: © Garrison Architects