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A conceptual skyscraper for New York’s skyline offers a continuous volumetric configuration that generates experimental angular windows and glass floors.

Oiio Studio’s skyscraper design The Big Bend aims to make use of limited ground sites in New York. With its geometric glass facade, the building is shaped like a long straw bent at the top. This feature allows for the creation of innovative top storeys with glass floors. The people living on the bent volume have visual connections with the city below in different angles and various surfaces thanks to the building design’s geometric configuration.

The design’s main ambition is to generate the longest structure, instead of the tallest one. To achieve this, its bent form is positioned on the two sides of the historical Calvary Baptist Church. The slender design with the glass angled windows and glass floors propose a continuity in form and a bold presence in the New York cityscape.

Images: © Oiio Studio