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DAGA Architects have designed a house with a reflective glass floored courtyard that enriches the transition in-between the rooms.

The renovation project of the traditional residential typology "hutong" located in an old neighborhood in Beijing is based on the idea of contrasting the existing fabric with a new modern lifestyle. Designed by DAGA Architects, the building is defined by the living and sleeping areas located on both sides of the entrance courtyard. As a result of the reflective glass on the courtyard floor, the surrounding hutongs, trees and the sky are reflected on the floor, and the perception of space is enhanced.

The transparent glass surfaces of the facades facing the entrance courtyard visually connect this spatial settlement divided into two and create a kaleidoscopic effect with the reflective glass on the floor. With its natural material palette and simple plan scheme, the building creates an introverted domestic life around the courtyard.

Photography: © Weiqi Jin