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OE Architect’s LAN-4 installation reflects the vineyard landscape of Rioja via abstraction of the classical form of the wine bottle.

The installation is the result of an ephemeral architecture competition for the International Architecture Festival of Logroño, La Rioja Spain. The wining proposal was selected among several projects from different countries and was on show during the festival which was held during 3-6 September 2020. According to the festival organizers, the project was going to be removed at the end of the festival, but it was so much favored by the visitors that it is decided to have the installation permanently in the vineyard.

The design proposes an abstraction, which starts from the figure of the most used wine bottle, with a capacity of 750 ml. Its elongated glass figure reflects the attention to quality and prestige. Every four sides rise above the vineyards with their 7​.​50 meters ​of ​height and create a reflection of the changing environment throughout the year.

Photography: © Josema Cutillas