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Şişecam Flat Glass Showroom project, designed and executed by Demirden Design, invites the visitors into an exploration into the nature of glass.

The showroom, located inside the Şişecam Headquarters in Tuzla, Istanbul is surrounded by an innovative outer shell proposing a new façade system for contemporary architecture. This structure serves as a transparent screen that represents creative applications of Şişecam Flat Glass’s architectural glass products.

The showroom, in which the products are explored through experiences, evokes a deep sincere feeling with the use of raw materials. The illuminated wall creates the illusion of hundreds of glass samples flying in the air. It forms a large picture that lets the visitors experience the transparencies of various glass types under different light conditions.

The Safety and Security Glass cabin showcases the impact-resistant glass types developed by Şişecam. The visitors can take part in a test, measuring the resistance of laminated glass. Right next to it, the Noise Control Glass cabin creates an entertaining experience.

Solar Control Low-E Glass test tunnel aims to show the effects of heat and solar control on different types of glasses. One can go through the high temperature tunnel surrounded by infrared lighting and experience the difference between heat and solar control glass and standard glass in person.

The unit that exhibits 130 different glass types of various characteristics and compositions lets the brand present its wide product range altogether. The functional design with the sliding system makes it easy to examine each product separately. Each product’s technical specifications can be seen on the handles within a specifically developed coding system. This system allows visitors to obtain detailed information about each glass combination.

The unit carrying the heat control glass is designed to let the visitors feel the strength of isolation through tactile senses. It carries four different types of glass that the visitors can touch and measure the difference in heat isolation.

Şişecam Flat Glass Showroom lets the visitors experience the brand’s leadership in the world of glass via its wide range of product families.

Photography: © İbrahim Özbunar