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The 275 Fourth Avenue designed by ODA Architecture blends into the urban texture of New York with its terraced volume.

In the design of the building, the architects challenged the myth that terraces are only to be found in attics. The idea of ​​creating creative solutions by finding a way around zoning constraints reveals the prominent aspect of design. The effort to overcome these restrictions created a multi-layered façade system. The volume gets narrower in the upper floors and this allows the formation of terraces in front of the housing units. These layered terraces surrounded by glass also create open spaces in the building.

The facade and glass application was realized by NETT Project LLC, using Şişecam Temperable Solar Control Low-E Glass Neutral 50/33 according to the design by ODA Architecture. With its high performance and temperable transparent coating this product provides advanced sunlight permeability and transparency. Providing effective solar control and thermal insulation, it reduces heating and cooling costs and offers a solution to the safety needs especially in terraces thanks to its temperable feature.

The building, designed as part of the urban transformation of Park Slope region in New York is composed of 78 rentable housing units equipped with advanced technology, a gym, terraces, and personal storage areas.