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​​Tabanlıoğlu Architects’ design for Dakar Congress Center is inspired by the baobab trees of Senegal, offering transparent and shaded solutions at the same time.

Typical geography and natural values have been the inspiration for the project; baobab trees of Senegal are distinctive with their enormous girth, they live over a thousand years, so that they have been important landmarks in Senegal’s dry savanna plain. Surrounding water element and the volumes in the project refer to the value of the resources in this dry context. In history, kings were crowned beneath a tree, parley with envoys beneath the shadowy leaves and branches. Still​,​ trees mark the central public squares of cities with their special function against weather conditions like direct sunbeams and wind. 

The units of the Dakar Congress Center are connected via water and bridges. The rectangular blocks are designed in a metal envelope. The twisted panels forming the texture of the mesh screen function as sun breaker and grants a shady interior without hindering the transparency. Through the placement of panels in varying angles, the facade becomes a playful, glittering interface. The facade also reflects the surrounding water element, while the floating expression of the building becomes a dramatic illustration of the landscaped pool. 

Entering the complex is made possible at all sides, a highly secured presidential entrance is on the north-east, and the main entrance is on the south-east concluding the promenade, the major axis. Presidential entrance directs to the main conference hall, a rectangular space on the first floor, 1500 delegates gather where presidents face the audience from the stage. An executive meeting room for 75 presidents is on the first floor and connects to the VIP restaurant situated above the museum. VIP is a separate block linked to the main hall via a transparent connection bridge; around the conference hall backstage, there are lobbies, lounges, Experts hall, and VIP rooms. The center welcomes the delegates of nations under its roof for peace, like the motto of Senegal “One People, One Goal, One Faith”.

Photography: © Emre Dörter

Project location: Dakar, Senegal
Project year: 2013-2014
Client: SUMMA
Design team: Melkan Gürsel, Murat Tabanlıoğlu, Salih Yılgörür, Sertaç Tümer, Ali Çalışkan, Utkan Yönter, Enes Yücepur, Fırat Güneş Balcı, Sema Türker, Zeynep Dündar, Esra Can, Merve Babalı, İsmail Ulukaya, Gözde Çalışkan, Melike Özkan, Gonca Atasayan, Alirıza Saçan, Zeynep Eker Yılgörür, Ayşe Yalçın İçyer
Structural design: Meinhardt
Mechanical engineering: Okutan
Electrical engineering: Yurdakul
Fire consultancy: Prof. Dr. Abdurrahman Kılıç
Acoustical design: Talayman Akustik / Prosistem Architectural
Lighting design: ZKLD Studio
Landscape design: Zeynep Akgoze LD
General coordination: Envar Şayan
Project management: Erdal Özdilek
Main contractor: SUMMA
Site area: 77.446 m²
Usable area: 16.270 m²
Product:​ Şişecam Temperable Solar Control Low-E Glass Neutral 62/44