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​Dakar Arena, designed by Yazgan Design Architecture, creates light and shadow games in the interior with its colorful sunblinds.

Located in Senegal, The Dakar Arena is a multipurpose sports hall with a capacity of 15,000 visitors. The venue relates to the city by adding an urban plaza as a meeting point and an event space for inhabitants.

Variety of locally inspired colors and patterns standout in the facade. The selected colors derive from the flag of Senegal and they follow a rhythm while functioning as sunshades. While the colors are irregularly placed horizontally, their sizes decrease vertically towards the roof. This adds dynamism to the facade. With the elliptical shape of the building and the perpendicular installation of these elements, the facade renders different levels of transparency from different angles. The particular shape of the sunshades is inspired by the local leaves. They mark the border between the exterior podium and internal circulation of the spectators.

The foyer wall is characterized by a white clean surface. Reflections of the colorful leaves on the facade shine upon the white walls of the main circulation space, adding color to the space and representing the motion of the sun throughout the day. The color operates as a catalyst, enhancing the integrity of the volume. The visual movement of the facade transforms color into a performative element.

The tribunes are designed via parabolic sections in order to ensure a good quality angle of vision for each audience. Although the building is designed mainly for sports activities, such as basketball, tennis, boxing, etc., it can also host cultural activities such as concerts and congresses; thus it bears the potential of becoming an incubator for urban vibrancy. It meets all the design criteria put forth by FIBA (International Basketball Federation). Trucks can come into the main playground to maximize the service capacity and multipurpose potential of the building. Furthermore, it follows universal design principles so that the disabled, the elderly, and families with children can easily access and circulate throughout the building.

Photography: Emre Dörter
​​Project: Dakar Arena Multi-functional Sports Hall
Location: Dakar, Senegal
Client: Summa
Architectural, interior and landscape design: Yazgan Design Architecture
Structural project: Meinhardt Turkey, Uzay Construction Systems
Mechanical project: Metta Engineering
Electrical project: EMT Engineering
Infrastructure project: OED Engineering
Acoustical design consultant: Ses Görüntü Production Systems
Fire consultant: Alara Project
Lighting design consultant: On Off Lighting Design & Consultancy
Project date: 2016 - 2017
Construction date: 2017 - 2018
Site: 95.110 m2
Total construction area: 32.800 m2​​​
Product: Şişecam Temperable Solar Control Low-E Glass Neutral 50/33​​