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Arena Shumen, designed by ATEK Studio is located in Bulgaria, defining a new urban center with its mixed program of sports facilities, commercial units and housing blocks.

Shumen Arena brings together a hotel complex, residential buildings, commercial units, sports centers, playgrounds and outdoor sports facilities, covering an area of ​​55 acres. The site is located in an attractive zone at the entrance of Shumen and is well-connected to the urban infrastructure.

The biggest challenge during the design process was to interconnect all functions on the master plan and at the same time emphasize the main role of the complex. The arena, which was designed in a functionally fluent manner became one of the symbols of the city with its organic and iconic form.

​​Architectural design: ATEK Studio
Design team: Kalloyan Kollev, Valeri Ivanov, Galina Shepeleva
Client: City of Shumen
Project location: Shumen, Bulgaria
Site area: 55.600 m²
Total construction area: 5.600 m²
Project completion date: 2018
Main contractor: GP Group

Product: Şişecam Tentesol Gray