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Designed by Serie Architects, 5 Science Park Drive introduces openness, transparency and social life to workspace. 

Built as a part of the new redevelopment plan for the Singapore’s Science Park, the building functions as an office space for R&D facilities. As the first building of the redevelopment scheme, it aims to represent the changing tendencies in office design and become an example for the future designs in the science park. The new approach is manifested via introducing more social spaces to nourish the interactions between colleagues and more flexibility for different uses.

The three-storey-high entrance lobby or “city room”, as defined by the designers, encompasses a stepped platform, cafe and a small auditorium. With its focus on collaboration, discussion and networking this space overlooks the science park via the glass facade. The upper floors have an accordion-like facade. These triangular lines maximize views and at the same time mitigate the solar beams to create a comfortable working environment.

Photography: © Finbarr Fallon