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​OMA’s design for the new Axel Springer building creates open and well-connected work spaces that replace the classical newsrooms.

The new building is located opposite the existing Axel Springer headquarters on Zimmerstrasse, a street which previously separated East and West Berlin. Following the former building’s height of 45 meters OMA’s design joins the urban pattern with its transparent facade showcasing the light-flooded atrium inside. With its 52,000 square meters of work space, the building hosts more than 3,000 employees.

In order to support Alex Springer’s policy on transition from print to digital media, the offices are designed open and well-connected across the building’s interior. A series of terraced floors creates an indoor valley while 13 bridges generate connections between the sections and provide inspiration for physical encounters in the digital age. This volumetric approach is also reflected on the building envelope with the valley contours defining the glass facade design.

Each of the ten floors contains a covered part as a traditional work environment and the uncovered part as the terraces. The common spaces that connect the terraces create the informal gathering points for a more relaxed and interactive work culture. The building also welcomes the public in the ground floor lobby, meeting bridge, where visitors can see the daily activities happening in the building and the roof-top bar.

Photography: © Laurian Ghinitoiu, Courtesy OMA