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A&A Architects’ design for the fashion brand Desizo Monni’s office building proposes a clean-cut glass cube with lively interiors.

Located in the northern part of Bulgaria, Desizo Monni office building houses the workspaces of a local fashion brand. As a response to the post-industrial environment of the town Pleven, the architects sought a clean-cut design. The cubic form of the office building consists of four floors above ground and one underground parking. While the ground floor features a reception area, a waiting lounge, and a showroom where the brand’s latest fashion collections are exhibited the upper floors are occupied by the creative and administrative offices.

The building design is based on creating a contrast between the minimalistic exterior envelope and dynamic interiors. It is a reference to the fashion shows with the simple catwalk schemes and the splendid designer clothes. While the glass cube form is continuous except for the aluminum canopy at the entrance, the large-format triple glazing glass panels allow for unobstructed views of the surrounding areas.

The interiors offer a dynamic and social working environment, enhancing the benefits of the large common atrium with balconies. Together with the wooden cladding the plants hanging from the balconies provide a natural and relaxing atmosphere inside.

Photography: © Assen Emilov