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​​Glass & Transparency research group at TU Delft has designed and constructed a glass truss bridge on the campus.

A hybrid structure composed of steel and glass components has proven the load bearing capacities of glass. The diagonal transparent glass pillars carry the steel arch and its strength has been tested by sixty students walking over the bridge.

The bridge is located at the entrance of The Green Village. As an initiative of TU Delft and Stichting Green Village, The Green Village provides researchers and businesses the opportunity to build, test and demonstrate a prototype of their innovations at a living lab. The team members are Prof. Rob Nijsse (TU Delft), Joris Smits (PhD candidate, TU Delft), Ruud Penning (Zwatra Transport), Ate Snijder (PhD candidate, TU Delft), Lawrence Brooks (technical support) and Alice Huang (graduate student, TU Delft). They aimed to prove that as a sustainable and durable material, glass can be structurally strong enough to be used as a truss.

Photography: © Frank Auperlé