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UAD completes the world's longest glass-bottomed bridge hovering over 201 meters above the valley.

The bridge spanning 526,14 meters long is designed by The Architectural Design and Research Institute of Zhejiang University (UAD). Located in Lianzhou, China the new structure is recognized as the world's longest glass-bottomed bridge by Guinness World Records. The glass flooring allows its visitors to experience the scenic views of cliffs and the river below.

The bridge is paved with three layers of 4.5 cm thick ultra-clear tempered laminated glass, the visible transmittance of which is 99.15%. The glazing endows the bridge deck with crystal-like luster, high transparency and refractive index. In order to ensure durability during the typhoon season in the summer, the design team carried out wind tunnel testing and finite element simulation analyzed the main frequency and modes of vibration and identified design parameters for various elements of the bridge.

Photography: © Lianzhou Qingtian Tourism Development