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Designed by Kanhai Gandhi to emphasize water pollution, Drop engraves the simplicity and value of a water drop into glass.

Although 70% of the world is covered with water, only 2.5% of it corresponds to fresh water resources, and only 1% of it is consumable by humans. Increasing environmental pollution and plastic consumption over the years put this already limited resource at risk even more. In order to draw attention to these facts and to develop individual awareness about water pollution, Kanhai Gandhi launched his work Drop.

Drop is an installation consisting of two glass cubes measuring three meters by three meters. The purest and smallest particle of the water, the drop is engraved in the cubes. While in one of the cubes the red plastic pieces settle in the middle of the drop like a bleeding wound, the other cube remains intact, representing the natural state of the drop. This dual cube design can be scaled varyingly, making it suitable for more daily use, changing from paper weight to a keychain.

Images: © Kanhai Gandhi