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Architect and Interiors India and Şişecam Flat Glass partnered together for a webinar on 16 September to discuss the innovative implications of parametric design.

Architect and Interiors India hosted the fourth webinar in its series on Designing for a New World: Post COVID-19 on 16 September. In collaboration with Şişecam Flat Glass, the title of this episode was Parametric Architecture: A Revolutionary Design Tool. Among architects from Turkey and India, the product manager of Şişecam Flat Glass, Esra Aydınoğlu also made a presentation. She has emphasized the health, happiness and productivity provided by the use of glass in hospitals, schools and office buildings and also shared projects that Şişecam Flat Glass products have been used.

The speakers were Amit Gupta (Founding Partner, Studio Symbiosis), James Law (CEO and Founder, Cybertecture Architects), Melike Altınışık (Founder and Design Principal, Melike Altınışık Architects), Sushant Verma (Founding Partner and Design Head, Rat Lab), Esra Aydınoğlu (Product Manager of Şişecam Flat Glass), and the webinar was moderated by Mitalee Kurdekar, Indrajeet Saoji and Bibhor Srivastava From ITP Media.

All speakers presented their work by starting with their understanding on parametric architecture. Different fields of use of parametric design from product to large-scale public projects were brought up, and the complexity, diversity and scalability of the methodology were discussed. Underlining the advantages of parametric design and demonstrating its diverse uses, the speakers opened the discussion as to why this design tool is increasingly adopted.

You can watch the webinar on Youtube by clicking this link.